A visit to Murano has the ability to change your life. At least, that was how I felt after a trip to these tiny islands just north of Venice in Italy. I fell in love with the incredible glass treasures that were on display everywhere. Stunning antique pieces, unique motifs and exquisite hand-made designs were speaking to me as I walked past the quaint boutiques. I felt inspired and motivated to build my own glass jewelry line.

The Birth of MamiaStore

My momentous shopping experience happened about a decade ago. But it is since 2017 that I have been working on designs and experimenting with shapes, styles and the many ideas that have been flying around in my head. Friends and family are always looking to borrow this beautiful creations for important occasions and this exposure has been the boost I needed to get MamiaStore off the ground.

My name is Bethlehem and I am an Ethiopian living in Italy. This country is my muse, motivating me to create my line of inspired pieces. They are not seasonal items; they are timeless, intended to be enjoyed for many years after purchase.

Bringing Murano to the World

The home of glassblowing, Murano has a long history of creating high-quality accessories that delight the eye. The islands are teaming with expert glassblowers and impiraresse, whose craft is to fill strings with glass beads – something that is far more skilled than it might sound. Working with a competency that can only come from an island that has been practising their work since 1291, Murano is completely unrivalled in the glass trade. This collection emulates that meticulous work. Every item has been made with care, sure to last if you look after it with the respect it deserves. There is no mass production here; no big business – you are purchasing jewellery that is both colourful, elegant and made with true love.

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